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with Dr. Miles R. Cone, DMD, Prosth.


Dr. Miles R. Cone is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and completed a three-year Prosthodontic residency program while serving in the United States Army before being honorably discharged as a field grade officer in the rank of Major. In addition to achieving board certification and diplomate status within his specialty, Dr. Cone has also successfully challenged all the requirements necessary to earn his designation as a Certified Dental Technician. Currently, Dr. Cone’s career in civilian life revolves around his dual role as the owner of Nuance Dental Specialists, a private practice dental clinic limited to prosthetic dentistry in the heart of Portland, ME,  and  his  role  as  Editor  in  Chief  of  the  American  College  of  Prosthodontists  quarterly  publication,  The Messenger.  When  Dr.  Cone  is  not  at  the  chair,  in  the  classroom  teaching,  or  at  the  lab  bench,  he  can  be  found lecturing  on  the  international  circuit,  publishing  extensively  in  peer-reviewed  journals,  and  serving  as  a  Key Opinion  Leader  for  GC  America,  Amann  Girrbach,  Smile  Line,  VP  Innovato  Holdings,  and  Garrison  Dental Solutions.
  • FREE Live 2-Webinar Series
  • 1 CE Credit per Webinar
  • Webinar #1: Wednesday, April 15th 2020 / 1:00pm PST (3:00pm CST / 4:00pm EST)
  • Webinar #2: Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 / 1:00pm PST (3:00pm CST / 4:00pm EST)
  • Webinars are hosted with ZOOM: On the registration page you will be asked to create your free ZOOM account, if you do not already have one. You can watch, listen and learn from your desktop, or mobile device.

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Webinar #1 (April 15th / 1:00pm PST)

Exposed: The Art and Science of Emotive Clinical and Dental Laboratory Photography

Synopsis: Dental photography serves as an effective tool for communication with colleagues, and as an emotional means of showcasing our clinical services and laboratory products to clients. This presentation will discuss the philosophy, equipment, and resources necessary for intraoral shade analysis, portraits, bench-top photography.

 Learning Objectives: 
  1. List the tactics and techniques that can be used with dental photography to  communicate with dentists and clients.
  2. Compare the final results of various photographs made with both professional and consumer level equipment.
  3. Improve current skills through demonstrated dental photography exercises.
  4. Create a portfolio of case studies to share with colleagues that will showcase your ability to document with dental photography.


Webinar #2 (April 22nd / 1:00pm PST)

PLAN B: An Economical Method for Managing the Difficult Shade Match

Synopsis: Conventional shade matching protocols involve intraoral photographs taken with porcelain tabs held in the patient’s mouth adjacent to natural dentition or restorations. Frequently, however, the limits of shade tabs are exposed when the teeth that need to be emulated possess color variations and intrinsic properties not covered by the range of the currently available shade guides. This presentation will demonstrate predictable and economical methods utilizing light-cured, stain and glaze applications as well as custom shade tabs for fixed and removable restorations which will serve the clinician in decreasing costly remakes and improving the patient experience.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Review many of the current shortcomings that exist with shade communication between clinician and technician.
  2. Establish the parameters of staining and glazing custom shade tabs, provisional crowns, complete dentures, and other various dental prosthetics that are coincident with the treatment planning and delivery of fixed and removable restorations.
  3. Develop a case-specific armamentarium based on treatment needs.
  4. Apply course concepts and techniques to current patient base.