The First Antireflective Face Shield That Fits Loupes

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, there was an increased urgency in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE). Included in this PPE were face shields for dental practices. After reopening his Vancouver, Canada practice, periodontist Scott Yamaoka, DDS, MS, needed a high-quality face shield that could fit his loupes. Read More

How To Use Force of Nature To Disinfect Your Dental Office

We know that reopening your dental practice came with a lot of responsibility and consideration for how you would do it safely. It’s not just protecting your patients, but also yourself and your staff, many of whom are spending a lot of time much closer than six feet away from your patients! Read More

Hearing Loss in Dentistry

Written by Daniel Hyunwoo Lee, Au.D.
Disabling hearing loss permanently affects approximately 5% of people worldwide, with a growing percentage of people afflicted as they age. Unlike other bodily ailments, hearing loss often goes unnoticed and untreated, especially those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. 

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REVEAL® HD BULK: Today’s everyday composite in the posterior zone

Courtesy of Dr. Johan Figueira, DDS and Dr. John Monges, DDS

Early advances in resin-based materials broadened their use to direct posterior restorations. Conventional composite resin restorations (designed to be placed in 2mm increments) are subject to problems associated with polymerization contraction, which may generate microfiltration, air trapped between layers, and cuspal deflection. 

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A New Era in Dental Photography


Nowadays, photography is becoming more powerful in dentistry and dentists
are trying so hard to take good pictures for different purposes. For that reason a
professional camera with all the accessories (ring flash, twin flash, macro-lens…)
is needed, but not everyone can afford it or knows how to use it in the right way.

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Universal Adhesives - The Evolution Continues for the Ideal Adhesive

Byoung I. Suh, MS, PhD

In 2012, dental manufacturers started introducing new “universal” adhesives, which could be used as a total-etch (TE) and self-etch (SE) adhesive, and claimed it could replace all previous generations of adhesives. Ideally, the dream adhesive would satisfy the following criteria: 

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FAQ about sharpen free LM Sharp Diamond instruments

Can I sharpen Sharp Diamond instruments?

No, Sharp Diamond instruments cannot be sharpened. The tip’s resistance to wear is based on an extremely durable metal alloy and the micro membrane coating that protects it. Sharpening removes the protective coating and weakens the tip, and thus, the functionality of the instrument is weakened.

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The Building Block for the Perfect Core. Core-Flo DC Lite

BISCO has long prided itself on its ability to bring science to the art of dentistry through its wide range of versatile products that are revolutionizing dental offices around the world. BISCO is proud to introduce CORE-FLO™ DC Lite, a dual-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-containing core material. CORE-FLO DC Lite is a brand extension of BISCO’s tried and true stackable core material CORE-FLO DC. Read More

TheraCal LC®-  Over 5 million restorations later: Are you getting the most of it?

After more than five years of extensive research and development, TheraCal LC was made available to clinicians in November 2011. It has been estimated that in the past three years, over five million restorations have been placed using TheraCal LC as a direct or indirect pulp capping material! The popularity and rapid growth of this product has certainly surprised BISCO, launching it to be one of their top selling products. The team responsible for developing TheraCal LC knew they had something special, something unique that would assist in maintaining vitality of the tooth while being easier to use than what was currently available. It appears that clinicians worldwide have also recognized how unique this product is by their clinical results. Read More

Theracem. The “Next Generation Cement”

Indirect restorative materials have evolved rapidly over the past few years, providing clinicians with a variety of options to better serve their patients. However, more choices in the substrate material often result in more steps in the cementation Read More

1981-2016: Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation - Bisco

Looking back over the past 35 years, there have been contributions from so many people to the success of Bisco, including our loyal customers, our dedicated employees, and our strategic partners all over the world that have supported us with friendship and advice. Read More