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All-Ceramic and Zirconia Restorations in 2020: Clinical Steps

Innovations in digital dentistry and high-strength all-ceramic systems in conjunction with advanced CAD/CAM technology provide us with more opportunity to offer esthetic and function not only in the esthetic zone, but also in high stress posterior occlusion. Each system requires specific tooth preparation, laboratory communication, surface conditioning for luting. Current ceramic primers and luting cements have made these a reality.
All-Ceramic Restorations in 2020 is an in-depth look at concepts, procedures and products to enhance the durability of these restorations. Read More

Hearing Loss in Dentistry

Written by Daniel Hyunwoo Lee, Au.D.
Disabling hearing loss permanently affects approximately 5% of people worldwide, with a growing percentage of people afflicted as they age. Unlike other bodily ailments, hearing loss often goes unnoticed and untreated, especially those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. 

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REVEAL® HD BULK: Today’s everyday composite in the posterior zone

Courtesy of Dr. Johan Figueira, DDS and Dr. John Monges, DDS

Early advances in resin-based materials broadened their use to direct posterior restorations. Conventional composite resin restorations (designed to be placed in 2mm increments) are subject to problems associated with polymerization contraction, which may generate microfiltration, air trapped between layers, and cuspal deflection. 

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A New Era in Dental Photography


Nowadays, photography is becoming more powerful in dentistry and dentists
are trying so hard to take good pictures for different purposes. For that reason a
professional camera with all the accessories (ring flash, twin flash, macro-lens…)
is needed, but not everyone can afford it or knows how to use it in the right way.

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Universal Adhesives - The Evolution Continues for the Ideal Adhesive

Byoung I. Suh, MS, PhD

In 2012, dental manufacturers started introducing new “universal” adhesives, which could be used as a total-etch (TE) and self-etch (SE) adhesive, and claimed it could replace all previous generations of adhesives. Ideally, the dream adhesive would satisfy the following criteria: 

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