LM-Dental is a subsidiary of the Finnish medical corporation, PlanMeca Group, and a world-class leader in game-changing dental instrument innovations. In addition to being the market leader in Europe, LM is proud to be the fastest growing manufacturer of hand instruments in North America.


LM-Dental has been raising the bar in the dental instrumentation industry by creating more functional and healthier ways for clinicians to practice since 1973.

  • LM introduces a thicker, lightweight handle, optimized shape, elastic surface, and color coding – all of which are now the industry standard.
  • LM develops medical-grade silicone handles with enhanced grip comfort and control.
  • LM comes out on top with the highest ratings in usability features.

  • LM adds built-in RFID trackability for all ErgoSense handles.
  • LM formulates an enhanced metal alloy using technologically advanced processing for blade tips that produce the sharpest, longest-wearing edges.
  • LM offers non-stick restorative instruments for unprecedented choice in efficiency, functionality, and comfort.
  • LM introduces game-changing sharpen-free periodontal instruments

Product Development

With a strong focus on Research & Development, LM collaborates closely with leading universities, scientists and clinicians to create the most advanced instruments for enhanced treatment experience and results.

Quality made in Finland

All LM products are designed and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Finland. Using the most advanced technology and unique high quality materials, LM products are made in accordance with exacting European regulatory standards and guidelines.