Colorbite Rock

Colorbite Rock

Colorbite is a specific A-Silicone for bite registration. Its consistency is imperceptible to the patient, has a high hardness that allows an easy milling and avoids compressions and incorrect repositioning. It is easy to place and very precise, and is particularly indicated for bite registrations of maximum intercuspation, intermaxillary centric, protrusion or lateral registration keys. It also provide a valid solution for gnathologic evaluations and for the diagnosis of skull-cervico-mandibular disorders and for the centric occlusion in orthodontics.

Colorbite Rock is a thermochromic addition silicone that changes colour according to the temperature and indicates when setting time is complete to minimize the possibility of error.

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Colorbite Rock

Colorbite Rock:



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Product Details


  • Thermochromic: a technology which uses temperature-sensitive pigments
  • Can be repositioned for a check after setting
  • Easy to finish
  • Raspberry scent, purple color at 23 °C (73 °F) and pink over 30 °C (86 °F)
  • Quick setting in the oral cavity


  • Imperceptible to the patient who closes in a natural way
  • The thermochromic pigments indicate the completed setting and allow you to visually check the various phases, thus minimizing the possibility of error
  • Easy to position
  • High dimensional stability
  • Does not need to be heated for use like wax (greater comfort for the patient)
  • Visible control of the various steps