Columbia 4L-4R

Columbia 4L-4R

Most popular universal curette 

  • Two cutting edges and a rounded toe
  • For the removal of moderate to heavy calculus from all supra- and subgingival tooth surfaces
  • Longer lower shank than the Barnhart 5/6

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219-220 ES


Columbia 4L-4R

Columbia 4L-4R:



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For calculus removal place one of the cutting edges of the universal curette against the tooth surface. Tilt the instrument toward the tooth to achieve 70° to 80° angle between the tooth and the blade. Apply lateral pressure and activate the curette by using vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes. Both cutting edges of the same curette can be used by simply tilting the instrument one way or the other.


  • Working end perpendicular to the lower shank
  • Two cutting edges (red line)
  • Rounded tip

Columbia 4L-4R:

  • For incisors, canines and premolars


Clinical use of: Columbia 4L-4R

A universal curette for the removal of supra- and subgingival calculus by Dr Kimmo Suomalainen.

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