Hydrogum 5

Hydrogum 5

Hydrogum 5 allows to have more time for the casting of the model after the impression taking, thus overcoming working time that is often too tight, and simplifying the daily work of the dentist.

They enable the impression to be cast up to 5 days after the impression is taken, thus obtaining precise and reliable models.

Hydrogum 5 is an extra-fast setting alginate, with a homogeneous consistency and an accurate reproduction of details. It ensures less stress for the patient, thanks to the time in mouth of only 45 seconds.

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Hydrogum 5

Hydrogum 5:



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Product Details


  • High dimensional stability
  • Quick working and setting times
  • Thixotropy
  • Pleasant scents


  • Long dimensional stability of impressions (5 days of dimensional stability)
  • Easy mixing
  • Homogeneous mass, smooth, compact surfaces