Implant Maintenance Kit

Implant Maintenance Kit

Instruments for implant maintenance care.

  • The ErgoMix structure ensures excellent tactile sensitivity and optimal rigidity.
  • Tips are made of sensitive but still effective titanium, which will not harm the abutments.

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Implant Maintenance Kit

Implant Maintenance Kit:



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Product Details

  • Implant Gracey 1/2 - For incisors and premolars
  • Implant Gracey 11/12 - For premolars’ and molars’ mesial surfaces
  • Implant Gracey 13/14 - For premolars’ and molars’ distal surfaces
  • Implant Gracey Universal -
    • Delicate working end
    • Designed to access tight interdental spaces. 
    • Better access into tight deep pockets and furcations
  • Servo 5 Cassette - Durable, high-quality resin cassette for protecting your instruments and fingers throughout the cleaning cycle