Implant Mini Gracey 1/2

Implant Mini Gracey 1/2


State of the art series of implant maintenance instruments expertly designed to ensure excellent tactile sensitivity while gently, but effectively removing bacterial biofilm and calculus deposits on implant surfaces without harming abutments.

  • Extended lower shank and shorter blade tip for more comfortable reach and adaptation in tight interdental areas around incisors and premolars.

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201-202MTI EM


Implant Mini Gracey 1/2

Implant Mini Gracey 1/2

$29.00 – $107.10

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Product Details

Safe, Effective, Economical and Ergonomic

LM’s state of the art Titanium Implant Scaler series is expertly designed and manufactured to maximize clinical performance.

Built-in safety

Optimized titanium alloy tips enable “scratch-free” maintenance of implants and abutments.

Improved control

Optimized titanium alloy tips provide the sharpness and strength needed for optimal rigidity and uncompromising tactile sensitivity comparable to that of stainless steel instruments.

Precision performance

Slim, curved tips access tight and challenging areas.

Enhanced value

With the ability to sharpen or replace tips at any time. Quick and easy replaceable tips* means practitioners can choose not to sharpen and simply replace tips when the current ones start to feel dull.

Ergonomic quality that you can feel is at the core of every LM instrument. LM's signature light, but large diameter handle wrapped in pliable, medical-grade silicone enables unparalleled comfort and grip control while minimizing hand fatigue.

*With the ErgoMix handle, tip replacement is easy, convenient and secure. To replace tips, simply unlock the lock grip, insert new tip and close lock grip. Due to the sealed construction provided by the unique lock grip, ErgoMix instruments can be cleaned and sterilized like any other instrument.

Benefits of retipping:

  • Always sharp instruments
  • Minimizes waste
  • Enables personalized tip combinations