LM-Arte Applica Twist

LM-Arte Applica Twist

Aesthetic Layering — Succeed with LM-Arte

LM-Arte is a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations. Instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a group of dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry. LM-Arte instruments are especially designed for composite layering. They are made of high-quality and non-stick LM-DuraGradeMax – supersteel with exceptional polish. Each LM-Arte instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function which enables easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments.

The popular LM-Arte collection is now expanded with LM-Arte Posterior Misura, an instrument designed for horizontal and vertical measuring of thickness of composite layers on posterior restorations.


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LM-Arte Applica Twist

LM-Arte Applica Twist

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Product Details

Especially fine, flexible and narrow spatula for composite modeling. With the LM-Arte Applica Twist it is very easy to model in the approximal spaces and marginal ridges in matrix. Its bended tips allow reaching to very difficult areas without complicating unnecessarily the work position of the hand.


LM Arte - Applica Twist

LM Arte - Applica Twist by Style Italiano.

LM Arte - Sculpt masterpieces (Short Version)

LM Arte - Sculpt masterpieces by Style Italiano (Short Version).