LM-Arte Cusp Misura

LM-Arte Cusp Misura

What is LM-Arte?

LM-ARTE is a set of innovative composite layering instruments that simplifies the work while maximizing aesthetic results and clinical outcomes. Developed in co-operation with Style-Italiano, each LM-ARTE instrument is specially designed to make restorative treatments quick, easy, and predictable.

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LM-Arte CUSP MISURA - What can I do with it?

Unique instrument for estimating cusp thickness and height for evaluating the need for cusp preparation when performing adhesive restorations. Ideal for evaluating the strength of the natural tooth structure and choosing the restorative technique to be used. If the forked instrument tip penetrates up to its marks, the tooth structure is too weak to withhold occlusal forces with a direct restoration, and other clinical options must be considered.

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LM-Arte Cusp Misura

LM-Arte Cusp Misura:



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Handle Features & Benefits:

  • Highest-rated in ergonomics
  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Optimally lightweight
  • Unparalleled grip control and comfort


LM Arte™ Cusp Misura Evaluate explicitly

Ultimate SHARP DIAMOND sharpen free coating.

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