LM-Arte Modella

LM-Arte Modella

What is LM-Arte?

LM-ARTE is a set of innovative composite layering instruments that simplifies the work while maximizing aesthetic results and clinical outcomes. Developed in co-operation with Style-Italiano, each LM-ARTE instrument is specially designed to make restorative treatments quick, easy, and predictable.

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LM-Arte MODELLA- What can I do with it?

Achieve high-end direct restorations with ease and in less time. This super thin and wide spatula is ideal for composite modeling, especially on large surfaces such as the vestibular wall of a frontal tooth. The wide blade allows efficient flattening of the surface while the extremely thin tip provides a sharp edge.

  • FIG.1 When taking the composite directly from the syringe is preferable to use a less elastic instrument, like the LM-Modella, to avoid losing the material..  
  • FIG.2 We proceed with the distal interproximal wall and then we recreated the distal angle with the same thin spatula, LM Arte Modella.
  • FIG.3 Layering of the final enamel layer with LM Arte Modella instrument, followed by smoothing with brushes.

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LM-Arte Modella

LM-Arte Modella


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Product Details

Especially fine and wide spatula for composite modeling. Suits especially for the large tooth surfaces such as buccal surfaces of the incisors. The wide spatula end flattens effectively the composite. The flexibility, delicacy and sharpness of the tip helps to create precise, aesthetic details. The spatula works well for applying the composite from a syringe.


LM Arte - Modella

LM Arte - Modella by Style Italiano.

LM Arte - Sculpt masterpieces (Short Version)

LM Arte - Sculpt masterpieces by Style Italiano (Short Version).