LM-Arte Solo Posterior

LM-Arte Solo Posterior

What is LM-Arte?

LM-ARTE is a set of innovative composite layering instruments that simplifies the work while maximizing aesthetic results and clinical outcomes. Developed in co-operation with Style-Italiano, each LM-ARTE instrument is specially designed to make restorative treatments quick, easy, and predictable.

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LM-Arte SOLO POSTERIOR - What can I do with it?

Achieve high-end restorations with ease and in less time using a single instrument. Simplify your daily posterior restorative work and your tray with only 1 instrument for probing, plugging, modeling, slope forming, excess/margin removal, and more.

For more information on LM-Arte's new Solo Posterior & Solo Anterior instruments, please click LM-Arte StyleItaliano


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434-438 ES


LM-Arte Solo Posterior

LM-Arte Solo Posterior:



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Product Details

Handle Features & Benefits:

  • Highest-rated in ergonomics
  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Optimally lightweight
  • Unparalleled grip control and comfort