LM-LiftOut S4

LM-LiftOut S4

Extract confidently and luxate atraumatically. Enjoy the quality construction of LM's signature built-in ergonomic comfort and uncompromising tactile sensitivity.

LiftOut S4 - 4 mm straight blade

*Not suitable for use as an elevator. Use LM-TwistOut for forceful extractions.

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LM-LiftOut S4

LM-LiftOut S4:



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Product Details


  • Ergonomic design — Comfortable to hold and easy to rotation
  • Secure LM-ErgoTouch Surface — Light, non-slip grip
  • Well-balanced — Controlled grip
  • Lightweight — Less strain on the hands
  • Clear color-coding — Easy identification
  • LM-DuraGradeMax supersteel — Strong and sharp blades
  • Tight seam at blade juncture — Hygienic

LiftOut S4:

  • 4.0 mm straight blade


LM Extraction instruments

Extract with confidence and luxate atraumatically - familiar LM ergonomics and tactile sensitivity also in extracting instruments.