LM-Arte Gengiva Kit

LM-Arte Gengiva Kit

Obtain the best clinical results while avoiding unnecessary injury to the gingiva.

Retraction can be traumatic for the gingiva when not done properly. The use of  LM-Gingival Retractors with the LM-Gengiva instrument has many advantages over the use of traditional rubber dam and retraction cords:

  • Strong, yet flexible plastic tips adapt tightly to the gingival margin with minimal trauma to soft tissue
  • Protects soft tissues from burs and abrasive rubbers
  • Allows finishing instruments to reach the margins of the restorations
  • Minimizes potential for debonding
  • Easy to modify/mold edges to better fit the tooth to be restored
  • An assortment of 3 sizes included in each intro kit (ca 90 pcs, 30 pcs/size): S for incisors, M for premolars and XL for molars.
  • Disposable

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LM-Arte Gengiva Kit

LM-Arte Gengiva Kit:



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LM-Gengiva in action

LM-Gengiva instrument with the gingival retractors is used to avoid injuring the gingiva unnecessarily and obtain the best clinical result. Check out this video made by dr. Giorgio Atzeri, Silver Member of Style Italiano and see LM-Gengiva in action!