LM-ServoMax - Syringe holder

LM-ServoMax - Syringe holder

LM-ServoMax — Optimal work flow & rational maintenance

LM-ServoMax tray system organises and rationalises the handling of dental instruments and accessories during the procedures and maintenance. It facilitates good infection control and saves time by reducing the handling of individual items. It also prolongs the life span of instruments and protects the personnel. Its versatile modules keep all instruments and accessories organised in a single tray. The system is adaptable to treatment specific and individual needs.

All modules have a universal design with standard dimensions and are not manufacturer specific. They are made of exceptionally durable special plastic which tolerate all common cleaning and sterilisation methods and agents (max 134 °C / 273 °F). Modules are sold empty.

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LM-ServoMax - Syringe holder

LM-ServoMax - Syringe holder:



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Product Details

The LM-ServoMax tray system can be equipped with a specifically designed user-friendly and safe needle guard stand for the syringe.

  • Safe during the entire treatment procedure
  • Easy to use and small size
  • Fits most common needles
  • Autoclavable
  • Conforms to EU directive 2010/32/EU*

*According to the EU’s so-called sharps injuries directive, which entered into force in the spring of 2013, an anaesthetic syringe may not be put in the needle guard using fingers but it must be done with an appropriate device. The purpose of the directive is to prevent pinprick and incision accidents in healthcare.


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