Modeller MH Dark Diamond

Modeller MH Dark Diamond

New LM-ErgoSense Dark Diamond instruments with non-stick coating for easy placing and contouring of composite resins.

The diamond like coating reduces the stickiness and allows for pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation. The coating makes the surface of the tip extremely smooth and hard and allows for non-stick application and modeling of composite.

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  • Exclusive diamond like coating
  • Hard surface
  • Smooth surface
  • Dark color coating
  • LM-ErgoSense handle


  • Non-stick placement and sculpting of the composite resin
  • Not sensitive to scrathces
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum contrast against the filling and minimal reflections
  • Extreme precision and feel


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Modeller MH Dark Diamond

Modeller MH Dark Diamond:



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Product Details

  • For packing large approximal fillings
  • Cylinder shaped working end will not get stuck into the composite while light curing


LM-ErgoSense Dark Diamond non-stick coated instruments

LM-ErgoSense Dark Diamond non-stick coated instruments.