Rigid Gracey 1/2

Rigid Gracey 1/2

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Gracey curettes are area specific instruments, designed for all types of calculus removal and root planing.  With a rounded toe and only one cutting edge, Graceys have a "safe-side" for carefree deep periodontal cleaning.

LM's optimally contoured blade tips follow curved tooth morphology. The result?  More thorough calculus removal with fewer strokes.

  • For anterior incisors and premolars
  • Thicker, more rigid blade shank with slightly wider working end than the standard.
  • Suitable for clinicians who prefer to apply greater pressure.


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Rigid Gracey 1/2

Rigid Gracey 1/2


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Place the tip third or half of the cutting edge of a Gracey curette against the tooth surface. (The larger outer curve is always the cutting edge.) Make sure that the lower shank is parallel with the tooth surface. For calculus removal apply moderate and for root planing light lateral pressure and activate the curette by using vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes.


  • Working surface inclined 20° to the lower shank
  • One curved cutting edge (red line)
  • Rounded cutting tip

Rigid Gracey 1/2:

Blade shank thicker and more rigid, and working end slightly wider than in the standard model. Permits the use of greater pressure.

  • For incisors and premolars


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