LM-Servo 5E

LM-Servo 5E

Protect your investment. Protect your fingers.

LM-Servo E cassettes are equipped with safety shields to protect instrument tips as well as prevent prick injuries during the cleaning cycle. The patented design of LM-Servo E safety shield lamels guides the washing fluid through the cassette for proper cleaning of the instrument tips. In addition, the structure supports free rotation of the instruments providing complete cleaning and rinsing. The cassette's open and close mechanism is simple and easy to use.

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LM-Servo 5E

LM-Servo 5E:



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Product Details

  • For five instruments
  • Cassette is equipped with safety shields
  • Four color options of safety shields and possibility to color code with silicone LM code buttons
  • LM DTS™ compatible RFID tagged versions available
  • Outer dimensions: 180 x 83 x 26 mm
  • Inner dimensions: 174,8 x 78,6 x 21,4 mm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Integration to ServoMax tray with a special lock (LM6417)


LM-ServoMax: Optimized Workflow

WHO probe for periodontal probing by Dr Kimmo Suomalainen.