SharpJack Sharp Diamond

SharpJack Sharp Diamond

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Sharp Diamond instruments are micro membrane coated instruments, which are completely sharpen free. The new coating is composed using modern Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, making the instruments razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light.

The sharpen free instruments are especially suitable for clinicians who want ergonomic, high quality hand instruments that naturally feels good in the hand, but also want to minimize the time spent maintaining dental instruments. Instruments with Sharp Diamond coating can be used like normal instruments and are suitable for all forms of depuration.

"LM SharpJack — what a great instrument!

It has the best features you could wish for. It's very narrow and thin which allows you to enter everywhere, even in the smallest areas. Perfect that the tip is so long so you can get in between molars. My favorite without competition, I'm in love!"

Malin, Registered Dental Hygienist, Sweden


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SharpJack Sharp Diamond

SharpJack Sharp Diamond:



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Product Details


  • Sharpen free
  • Long-lasting superior sharpness
  • Savings of time & money
  • Highest rated ergonomics with sensational grip
  • Improved productivity & clinical results
  • Full control and improved tactile sense, while effectively removing the calculus
  • Hardness of over 63 on Rockwell scale

SharpJack Sharp Diamond:

The new LM-SharpJack instrument features extra long, thin blades for convenient interproximal access presenting the most popular scaler design in US. The shank is optimally angled to universally adapt in anterior and posterior regions.

  • Anterior/Posterior scaler
  • Thin dual-edged blades for easy and efficient interproximal access


LM Sharp Diamond video

Ultimate SHARP DIAMOND sharpen free coating.

LM-SharpJack Scaler Introduction