204S Sickle Scaler

204S Sickle Scaler

Highest-rated ergonomic design with non-slip grip, long lasting sharpness and high tactile sensitivity. For the removal of supragingival calculus. Sharply angulated shank and very fine working end.

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303-304 ES


204S Sickle Scaler

204S Sickle Scaler:



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For calculus removal place the tip third of the scaler’s cutting edge against the tooth. Tilt the instrument toward the tooth to achieve 70° to 80° angle between the tooth and the blade. Apply lateral pressure and activate the scaler by using vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes. To maintain control use short 2-3 mm long strokes.


  • Triangular cross section
  • Face perpendicular to the lower shank
  • Two cutting edges (red line)
  • Pointed tip

Sickle LM204S:

  • Sharply angulated shank and very fine working end


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