LM-Stage II-IV Kit

LM-Stage II-IV Kit

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Each kit contains the most effective essentials to comfortably and safely access the whole mouth while maximizing procedural efficiency. 

With LM’s winning combination of advanced SharpDiamond sharpen-free tips and the industry’s most highly-rated ergonomic handles, expect the best performance and clinical outcomes. Cleaning appointments have never been more easy or pleasant for patients and clinicians alike!

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This set of 5 instruments is ideal for clients who present with more complex anatomical considerations such as concavities, projections, and furcations.  The extended functional shank combined with a smaller blade length will provide comfortable access into deep, narrow pockets while decreasing the risk of tissue distention and tissue lacerations without compromising tip placement. 

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LM-Stage II-IV Kit

LM-Stage II-IV Kit:



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Product Details

Sickle LM23 Sharp Diamond: Sharpen-free. Based on the leading European sickle scaler design. With a shorter terminal shank and longer lower shank than the traditional 204S design, this modified posterior sickle scaler may look different, but it offers the same clinical application.

Furcator K/S: DuraGradeMax Supersteel. Delicate, angled excavator designed for cleaning of the furcation roof and inner surfaces, particularly concavations and grooves in them. Suitable also for the cleaning of narrow approximal concavities and grooves in incisors and premolars.

Mini Gracey 1/2: Sharpen-free.

Mini Gracey 15/16Sharpen-free. 

Mini Gracey 17/18Sharpen-free. 

ServoE5: Made of durable, high-quality resin, this cassette is equipped with safety shields to protect instrument tips as well as prevent prick injuries during the cleaning cycle. The patented design of LM-Servo E safety shield lamels guides the washing fluid through the cassette for proper cleaning of the instrument tips. In addition, the structure supports free rotation of the instruments providing complete cleaning and rinsing. The cassette's open and close mechanism is simple and easy to use.


Clinical use of: Furcator and furcation Probe

A combination of furcation probe and furcator by Dr. Kimmo Suomalainen.