LM-Universal Kit

LM-Universal Kit

Each kit contains the most effective essentials to comfortably and safely access the whole mouth while maximizing procedural efficiency. 

With LM’s winning combination of advanced SharpDiamond sharpen-free tips and the industry’s most highly-rated ergonomic handles, expect the best performance and clinical outcomes. Cleaning appointments have never been more easy or pleasant for patients and clinicians alike!

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A trio of universally adaptive instruments! This kit is designed for use in regular re-care appointments and for clinicians who prefer using Universal Curettes over Gracey Curettes. 

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LM-Universal Kit

LM-Universal Kit:



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Product Details

SharpJack: Sharpen-free. Based on the most popular scaler design in the US, this universal sickle scaler features extra long and thin blades for convenient interproximal access. The shank is optimally angled to universally adapt in anterior and posterior regions.

Columbia 4R/4L: Sharpen-free. Sturdy universal curette with characteristic double-edged tips and rounded toe for safe sub-gingival access and removal of heavier deposits.

Barnhart 5/6: Sharpen-free.

ServoE5: Made of durable, high-quality resin, this cassette is equipped with safety shields to protect instrument tips as well as prevent prick injuries during the cleaning cycle. The patented design of LM-Servo E safety shield lamels guides the washing fluid through the cassette for proper cleaning of the instrument tips. In addition, the structure supports free rotation of the instruments providing complete cleaning and rinsing. The cassette's open and close mechanism is simple and easy to use. 


LM-SharpJack Scaler Introduction

Clinical use of: Columbia 4L-4R

A universal curette for the removal of supra- and subgingival calculus by Dr Kimmo Suomalainen.