TheraCal PT

TheraCal PT


TheraCal PT syringe should remain in the pouch until ready to use. Once pouch is opened, use TheraCal PT within 90 days.

Dual-Cured Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate Pulpotomy Treatment

TheraCal PT is a biocompatible, dual-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate designed for pulpotomy treatment. TheraCal PT maintains tooth vitality by performing as a barrier and protectant of the dental pulpal complex.

TheraCal PT’s precise and direct placement allows its use in deep cavity preparations. The dual-cured set permits immediate placement of the restorative material.

TheraCal PT is primarily indicated for:

  • Pulpotomies: TheraCal PT may be placed after the partial or full removal of the coronal pulp. Approximately 12 – 15 pulpotomy applications.

And can also be used for:

  • Pulp exposures (direct pulp capping): TheraCal PT may be placed directly on pulp exposures after hemostasis is obtained.
  • Protective liner (indirect pulp capping) or base under a variety of substrates.

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TheraCal PT

TheraCal PT

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Product Details


  • The chemical formulation of TheraCal PT consists of synthetic Portland Cement calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic matrix which facilitates calcium release
  • TheraCal PT’s physical properties resist breakdown and degradation leading to a durable seal
  • Alkaline pH: pH = 11.5 @ 7 days
  • Moisture tolerant: Low water solubility
  • Radiopacity: TheraCal PT is radiopaque (2.45mm) allowing for easy identification and differentiation from recurrent decay and other restorative materials


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