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Individuals have the opportunity to earn 12 CE Credits, attend virtual social events and browse the tradeshow, all from the comfort of your home!
Our Tradeshow will run Friday November 20th & Saturday November 21st, 8am - 5pm! Read More

What Z heck is Going On Here?!
Zirconia Cementation Simplified

Bond or lute? Try in or prime first? Am I doing this right? This entertaining 1-hour webinar will help answer all of your questions about placing zirconia restorations. From preparation, to priming to insertion, Dr. Rolando Nuñez will explain how and why certain materials are selected for optimized clinical results when working with zirconia.  Read More

New Vital Pulp Therapy for Primary Teeth

Vital pulp therapy for primary dentition has evolved and improved immensely. New and reliable materials with predictable outcomes have recently become available. In this 1-hour video, Dr. Carla Cohn will review diagnosis of teeth that are candidates for vital pulp therapy, different methods of vital pulp therapy, and effective pulp therapy materials. Read More

Biologic Materials for Pulpal Vitality

Recent developments in resin technology have propelled the introduction of hydrophilic resins for the evolution of therapeutic dental products. These resins allow for the addition of biologically active components in order to positively influence pulpal health. Read More

Advanced Sectional Matrix Techniques

This 1 hour CE webinar is all about those Class II composites that aren't basic. When you’re ready to go beyond a typical MO, you’ll need the tips and tricks to ensure a predictable result. Advanced Sectional Matrix Techniques will give you the information to master the necessary skills. A combination of slides and typodont demonstrations utilizing a sectional matrix system will be used.

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FREE ON DEMAND 2-Webinar Series

with Dr. Miles R. Cone, DMD, Prosth.

Dental photography serves as an effective tool for communication with colleagues, and as an emotional means of showcasing our clinical services and laboratory products to clients. This presentation will discuss the philosophy, equipment, and resources necessary for intraoral shade analysis, portraits, bench-top photography.

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Cementation Sanity

Simple Everyday State-Of-The-Art Cementation

Shouldn’t our daily cements have a positive influence on the oral environment? Busy practitioners look for aesthetic, symptom free, easy-to-clean-up luting materials that have great clinical success. Along with those characteristics, today we have materials that release ions that can have a positive influence on the tissues and fluids of the mouth while providing great comfort and longevity.

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Advancements in Dental Hygiene: Listen and Learn from the Experts!

Over the past decade, the dental hygiene instrumentation market has exploded with new, innovative designs that change the way we teach and practice. This webinar will examine new hand instruments and ultrasonic units and tips from various manufacturers, giving participants a chance to compare and contrast like products. Ergonomic benefits, advanced treatment options, and conservation of tooth structure will be discussed.

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