Cord Packer - 2.0 mm

Cord Packer - 2.0 mm

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Simple, yet sophisticated.

Ergonomic instrument for packing retraction cord into the gingival pocket. 

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490-491 ES


Cord Packer - 2.0 mm

Cord Packer - 2.0 mm:



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Product Details

Simple, yet sophisticated.

LM's Cord Packer 2.0 provides the best in precision, ergonomics, and tactile sensitivity. 

  • Bent blade makes getting around the tooth smooth and easy, with no catching or pull-back of the retraction cord
  • High-quality stainless steel tip
  • Durable, medical-grade silicone handle 

This instrument changed my life - I'm not kidding! Some days I would dream of retiring so that I would never have to pack another cord again. Not anymore! This instrument is truly amazing!
~ Dr. E. McGuire, Burnaby, BC


LM’s proprietary alloy tips provide unparalleled quality and performance. Resulting from intense material research, advanced thermomechanical heat treatments, controlled gas atmosphere and cryogenic processing, LM’s DuraGradeMax supersteel tips represent the ultimate in the field of metallurgy. 


Feel the difference in your grip both while working and at the end of your day. Lightweight, elastic, and thicker contoured, ErgoSense handles are ergonomically designed to offer the most comfortable grip and exceptional control. To ensure optimal rigidity and tactile feedback, LM’s proprietary metal alloy runs from tip to tip. The durable, medical-grade silicone with colour-coding for at-a-glance identification, has been tested to remain unchanged through 2,000 autoclave cycles.