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Effectively access the most areas with the least number of instruments.

The main idea behind all of our kits is to simplify tray set-ups while maximizing procedural efficiency and effectiveness.  Whether you're a new practitioner looking for the best "starter set", or an experienced pracitioner looking for the ultimate in innovative performance and comfort, LM kits offer the best treatment experience and outcomes for both clinician and patient. 



Protect your investment. Extend the life of your instruments.

Unlike heavy stainless steel cassettes, LM-Servo E cassettes are conveniently lightweight and easy to handle and  transport. Made of autoclavable, high-quality resin, LM-Servo E cassettes are extremely durable and will stand the test of time and cleaning. The patented design of LM-Servo E’s safety shields not only protect instrument tips, but also protect users from accidental pricking injuries during the maintenance cycle. The cassette keeps instruments from puncturing the sterilization pouch, so sterility is more likely to be assured. Option for tagging with RFID chips to enable full traceability is available.